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Although the U.S. Supreme Court has existed since the adoption of the Constitution, the Georgia Supreme Court is of much more recent vintage.  The first session of the Georgia Supreme Court was held on January 26, 1846, with the three judges receiving a salary of $2,500 per year.  The members of the Court traveled around Georgia until 1865, when the Court was permanently located at the seat of Georgia’s government.  The Georgia Supreme Court has had seven Justices since 1945.

Although much writing and analysis is devoted to the United States Supreme Court, the Georgia Supreme Court often does not receive the same attention.  This site is designed to provide attorneys who practice in Georgia, along with individuals interested in the Court, with guidance, information, and commentary regarding the Court that is not normally available through the Court’s own site.

The blog covers civil cases at the Court, but not including civil cases involving land title, probate issues, and some injunctive relief. We focus primarily on cases that civil litigators would find useful in their practice.

The blog borrows its name from the abbreviation for the Supreme Court of Georgia (SCOG), and is supported and operated by the attorneys of Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP.  The firm’s areas of practice include appellate work in both state and federal courts in Georgia.

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