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Stat Pack for Supreme Court of Georgia

December 1, 2009

Following the lead of the SCOTUSBlog, we have created the first Stat Pack for the Supreme Court of Georgia and its civil caseload since it returned from its August recess.  We welcome any citation or republishing of the statistics and figures we’ve run, as long as you cite SCOG Blog as the source.

The entire dataset is available in PDF form and consists of four separate analyses:

  • An analysis of which Justices have written majority opinions in the 19 civil cases decided.
  • A breakdown of the votes in civil cases (unanimous, 6-1, 5-2, etc.).
  • The frequency of each Justice in the majority for civil cases.
  • The success (or lack thereof) of Court of Appeals judges in having their opinions either affirmed or reversed.

Some interesting trends are worth noting from the statistics:

  • Of the 19 civil cases decided so far, Chief Justice Hunstein has been in the majority the least of any Justice, followed by Justice Melton.
  • Justices Hines, Thompson, and Nahmias have been in the majority of every civil case decided since September.
  • The Supreme Court has reversed five Court of Appeals decisions in civil cases and affirmed four.  Only Judges Barnes and Ellington have had more than one opinion considered by the Supreme Court, and both are batting .500.
  • Of the civil cases decided since September, 74% have been unanimous, 11% have been decided on a 6-1 vote, and 16% have been decided on a 5-2 vote.

Take a look at the whole thing, and let us know your comments and suggestions.  We will continue to update the statistics throughout the term.


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